guitar lessons

The lessons are very holistic and do not exclude cultural-philosophical and music-historical topics. Music theory, rhythm, reading and writing music flow naturally and without stress into my lessons.

My specialty is jazz and blues, and with it, of course, improvisation. Blues, Jazz, Gospel, Funk, RhythmBlues, Jazzblues are my specialties…

Over the years of teaching, I have written various music books that are popular, especially the „Sacho Tabs“. Many books are workouts like „Reading Melody Workout“ or „Rhythm Workout“, or „Chords, Arpeggios and Scales on the Fretboard“.

my room is located in the center of Winterthur (CH)

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i teach at the following schools

  • wiam „winterthur institute for contemporary music“ (web)
  • musikschule hug zürich (web)
  • instrumentor (web)
  • vetsch privat „guitar-teaching and music-coaching“