works and bands

sacho fender’s music experience

quincy jones and blue note productions from the 60s are among my absolute favorite albums. with the music experience project i wanted to write and produce songs that go in this direction but maybe sound a bit more modern … music

sacho fender trio

Improvising is easy in a trio, which is why all my trio productions were created with simple sketches and implemented or improvised by great musicians … music

sacho & the bittersweets

the bittersweets are the logical consequence of the sachofender times, … so sachofender became sachofender-music and once again a few of the musicians changed, and a new band name came up. So the bittersweets play my rocking, bluesy songs, many of which could also be described as alternative rock … music

sacho o’fender

sacho fender comes from sandro vetsch paired with the instrument brand fender … a joke became a nickname became a band became a label … the music is folk rock and indie pop, sometimes reminiscent of frank zappa and is basically just a simple creative band that sometimes copies and sometimes just doesn’t want to play … music

the singing birds

in a trio, a short summary version of sketches played in the respective practice room of the musicians became an internet production as a breeding ground for new ideas … music

vetsch pechota schmid

some fee left, book a studio for a day and improvise a few sketches. still one of my favorite albums … music


booooom, a corona lockdown project with the aim of creating songs under a minute and then posting them on instagram

the l.b. organband

we rehearsed and played for years, every thursday in schaffhausen in a jazz club. three albums were created, with the most creative time taking place on stage

bekka and band

jazz, bossa nova and pop songs on the accordion, played in duo or quartet

reggie saunders band

every musician needs a party band … there it is; …. with reggie we play soul and funk classics in a quartet at weddings, birthdays or just at an occasion where it should splash

deborah & sandro

vocals and guitar, from blues and country to pop classics to jazz standards, we play events and birthdays, … comfortably, simply and musically

tüli & band

my fountain of youth, … rap music, hip hop and funk, paired with singer-songwriter folk rock and a pinch of jazz

fortress gregor

architect with a penchant for dramaturgy, … the englishman fortress gregor gets the punk out of me. we have already produced a power album and it has a lot of steam

fatma mirza „tutu“

I was allowed to record the guitar for the singer from Oman on one of her albums, .. very nice music, east feat west. hopefully more will come

mary nova

mary nova plays her music with 432hz, .. relaxed down-to-earth music with addictive factor. the singer from london was produced by helge van dyk and i was allowed to record the guitars. a job in a class of its own

björn schmelter’s phraseland

a friend, his music, unique and weird, we produced 2 beautiful albums

harry schärrer’s thinkmusicals

the musical space dream went gold and platinum in switzerland and germany, and i was just over 20 years old. it brought me a lot of studio experience. I was able to record the musical melissa, twist of time and alapilio as well as two other space dream albums when I was in my mid-20s. it was a nice time with a lot of studio work

klemens rehmann‘s black box

my first experience with classically trained musicians. my improvisation skills were welcomed by klemens and so i fought my way through his stack of sheet music at the age of 18. nice memory with good music beyond commerce

daniel buchmann

two cool albums in Swiss German and a few relaxed years with a lot of fun

sani liens anekanada

it’s called worldmusic.. the indonesian-swiss artist sani lien briefly stirred up the worldmusic scene in switzerland. now she has a high class restaurant in france

henry kamikaze

first band at the age of 14.. no question, that was just cool political rock, hard left


afro, funk, reggae and a pinch of jazz, … that was my youth band … spent the whole weekend in the rehearsal room, those were good and instructive times

biedermanns brandstifter

jens biedermann is a dancer, architect, bon vivant, traveller, photographer and also a musician. in the 90s there was still the fusion, or jazz rock called up to date. vibraphone & rock band

peperoncini chor

most famous choir in my hometown winterthur


no sport but a lot of funk music

rolf knie circus salto natale

famous circus family in switzerland

gregory knie circus ohlala

famous circus family in switzerland

hansjörg ganz projects

best choir director in Winterthur

g-generation gospel group

gospel and gospel

bruno hächler  

good music for children and adult children

carmen fenk & band

mrs fenk was the first music star in switzerland … and yes, when we played concerts almost everyone knew her

david hangartner’s gala unpur

enormously talented musician in my hometown, … we formed a sullivan cover band in honor of gilbert o sullivan

aurelio & sacho

classical guitar feat jazz guitar

„camping camping“ theater am hechtplatz

dominik flaschka, best musical producer in switzerland, works for the theater am hechtplatz in zurich, among others


party music without end

daniela baumann (d.j.bobo)

yes, i played some cool funky guitars there, … but it’s been a long time


house and disco music

fabe vega

gifted singer songwriter

tamara landolt

Nordic pop music

silas bürgi

actor and singer songwriter